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Mary-Jayne Rust 

Mary-Jayne Rust is an ecopsychologist and Jungian analyst.  Journeys to Ladakh (on the Tibetan plateau) in the early 1990’s alerted her to the seriousness of the ecological crisis and its cultural, economic and spiritual roots. This led her into the field of ecopsychology which has been the focus of her teaching and writing ever since. Her numerous publications can be found on, including Towards an Ecopsychotherapy, Confer Books, London 2019 and Vital Signs: Psychological Responses to Ecological Crisis, eds M.J. Rust & Nick Totton. Karnac, London 2011. She grew up beside the sea and is wild about swimming. Now she lives and works beside ancient woodland in North London where she has both an indoor and outdoor ecopsychotherapy practice.

She says: ‘Whether supporting individuals or groups, I find that being outdoors (as well as indoors!) can provide a nourishing and supportive atmosphere in which to reconnect to the rest of nature, to our own vulnerabilities and to a more heart centred way of seeing and being in the world. Perhaps it is from this place that we can see more clearly how to be the change.’